Innovation & Diversity Survey

Present topics for organizations today:
Innovation and Diversity

Digitalization and internationalization demand flexible and fast-acting organizations with flat hierarchies. This almost inevitably leads to two crucial and present topics for organizations today: Innovation and Diversity.

Innovation is both, the creating and bringing into profitable use of new technologies, products, services, marketing ideas, and systems. Implementation is generally the bottleneck that limits the rate of innovation. Innovation is not a linear process, it is the result of a democratic and empathic corporate governance. The most innovative companies are also the most diverse ones. Diversity in the workplace is still a critical and sensitive issue, particularly if some employees believe that there is great diversity and equal opportunities but others do not. Aspects like gender, age, “thinking out of the box”, creativity, internationality, profession and competence profiles equally contribute to the performance of your employees. Taking a look at your workplace can help you begin to determine how diversity is determined within your company.

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