New Work Culture

As the inventor of the "New Work" concept, Frithjof Bergmann stated that New Work is simply the attempt to allow people, for at least some of their time, to do something they passionately want to do, something they deeply believe in.

Over time old working structures convert and give way to more soft and flexible concepts. The main driving force for this cultural development is due to Digital Transformation: Organizations have to quickly adapt to new technologies that affect every part of their business. Coming from this perspective, there is not only one standard solution, but every organization needs to adjust to their specific challenges. The result of this transition will be the dedication and participation of the employees to the development and innovation of your company in terms of creating their working place, their processes, their role within the company and their contribution to the business as a whole.

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Toolbox including innovation and diversity surveys


Applying Design-Thinking principles in organizational design


Collaborative design of future labs and innovation centers


Intrapreneurship programs


Leadership coaching and people change management


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