Employee Survey

Your employees are
the most important asset
available to your company.

Because many company’s take their employees for granted, we’ve found that unhappy employees leave organizations nearly as fast as dissatisfied customers.

70% of employees are not engaged, 15% have even stopped to believe in their employer, according to Gallup (2015). Measuring employee satisfaction and engagement should be seen as an important part of any organization’s routine, especially regarding today’s shortage of skilled workers. HR-Meter can help you stay up-to-date and improve employee satisfaction, engagement and participation. When employees enjoy a high level of engagement, they tend to be significantly more productive. This leads to increased integration and employee-managerial interaction which strengthens the foundation for sustainable future growth in todays world of “New Work” and Digitalization.


What HR-Meter can offer to your business:


Project Design

Extensive project design and consulting from Kick-off to Follow-Up


Well-Established questionnaire

A well-established questionnaire that can be individualized also includes latest economic and scientific findings


Online Survey tool

Providing an online survey tool which is intuitive, modern in its design and also applicable for mobile devices

Do you have more questions?


Communication concepts

Implementation of communication concepts


Elaborate comprehensible reports

Elaborate comprehensible reports that can be tailored to your needs



A professional and sustainable follow-up-process through our experienced Coaches, e.g. individual consulting, team building measures.


Please tell us what you are most interested in and a member of the HR-Meter team will send you the relevant information:

  • Current study about employee satisfaction
  • Comparative results of employee satisfaction studies
  • Online implementation und evaluation of your employee satisfaction